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 Sprite and Art Section Rules

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PostSubject: Sprite and Art Section Rules   Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:51 pm

1: Rating sprites is not allowed under any circumstances. You must post a valid opinion of the sprite or art and what can be done to improve it etc. Anyone posting "I like it 9/10" will be in deep.... trouble, head downwards.

2: Make sure your links work after you post. And if they require to be copy pasted to a new browser then say so out of courtesy please.

3.Make sure the sprites are saved as PNG. or GIF.,no jpegs. are allowed

4: This has been a big problem. There is to be no taking someone else's sprite editing it slightly and then showing it as your own. Or for that matter showing someone else's sprite unless they specifically ask you too.

5:No porn of any kind is allowed.(this includes hentai too)
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Sprite and Art Section Rules
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