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 Yu Yu Neo Project Beginning FAQS

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PostSubject: Yu Yu Neo Project Beginning FAQS   Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:41 pm

Hello Yu Yu Hakusho Fans!!

This Faq for everybody who wants to know about us and our project

1. What is your project?

Our project is based on the Yu Yu hakusho anime series, Yu Yu Neo Mugen project will be in a 2d fighting game engine called Mugen. The character sprites will be in Anime Perfect Style (or Ap).

2. Which Characters are in the project?

Well We plan to use characters from the Dark tournament saga from team Yusuke and team Torgoro and some characters from the other teams.

3. When is this game coming out?

When We are finished with this project...It Really takes alot of time and effort to make top of the line sprites and FX , not to mention the sound ect. it will be released when we are done.

4. How can I help this project?

I am glad you asked, as of now we are in the early stages there for we need spriters, programers, FX artist.Not only that you can join in fourm contest,Check and see what is need for major progress.

5.How do i make my Rank rise?

Well thats simple post up on the fourms, become a supporter and get the special Neo supporter which allows all the intell on the project and some exclusives for progect members only.

6. What ranks do you get by being active?
D-Class Youkai-30
C-Class Youkai-100
B-Class Youkai-200
A-Class Youkai-300
S-Class Youkai-500

7. How do i become a member of the neo team member?

Prove yourself to us, show us that you are willing to put in the time and work thats needed to get this done, also the reason for wanting this game to be made must be reasonable(not like i just want a good game out) also there is a limit to how many we let join so prove yourselves and be apart of something amazing!!
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Yu Yu Neo Project Beginning FAQS
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