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 Yo fellas whats happening?

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PostSubject: Yo fellas whats happening?   Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:58 am

Hey guys, looks like the project is going great, I promised Yusuke i would help out
in something but i'm not seeing much activity in the forums.

Just posting to let you guys know i can do something to help despite how busy i maybe at times. Get back at me, thanks.

P.S. I've been working with particle illusion and got pretty good, if you want some super sexy effects such as a ray gun or teleport/power-up i'll see if i can cook up some. If you guys want any that is...
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PostSubject: Re: Yo fellas whats happening?   Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:14 pm

my bad man we just had to take a break from yu yu hakusho it seemed that the only people who were really working on anything was me and my bro...as for everybody esle i cant really say what happen to them...
i will tell you my situation..the thing is I Got my Hands On Yu Yu hakusho Fovever(for the ps2 jap) and i havent beem able to get it working on this ps2 emualtor and on my ps2 and that really bugged me...i have been trying to get my money right so i can buy the stuff i need to play the japanesse games on my ps2 and stuff... so i can Be more into the project..
but then i got spriter's block and didnt even want to talk about yu yu nothing for a while...but finally here we are im back and im gonna finsh working on a few stages...i would like to see some of those fx of yours i suck ass on particle illusion...and im gonna try get yusuke in a good high rez sprite... so thanks for yout support and im back online and if im back my bro is back...joe We really need to talk...
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Yo fellas whats happening?
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